Date:  June 2019


To:      Cinnamon Cove Single Family Condominium Association II

Unit Owners


From: The Board of Directors


Re:      Hurricane Preparedness


Dear Unit Owner:


Every year there is a possibility that a major hurricane could hit this area. One of the most common questions asked by our association members is “What should we do to prepare?” One of the best things that you can do is to know the facts. These storms are very serious and should not be taken lightly. Lee County’s Hurricane Preparation Guide is an excellent local source of information and can be found at


When leaving for the season, or on an extended vacation, it is extremely important that all exterior items be safely stored inside while you are away. This includes lanai furniture and accessories, wall plaques, lawn ornaments, plant pots, bird feeders, hoses, gardening tools, and any other items that may blow around in windstorm conditions. Domestic water should be shut off at the outside valve and the water heater unplugged. Electric service should be left on for air conditioning, in order to prevent mold or mildew problems. Potentially damaging winds can occur at any time during the summer months, not just hurricanes. Winds in excess of 60mph have been associated with thunderstorms. Therefore, it is critical that everyone take the time to identify and safely store all exterior items.  It will reduce the potential for damage to your property as well as other property in the community.


We have learned from the past that waiting until the last minute to prepare for a hurricane can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress, as well as chaos within the community.


One of the common problems associated with a hurricane is telephone power, and water service interruption. These services can be down for extended periods of time depending on the strength and conditions of the storm. Although FPL takes power outages very seriously, there can be instances where electrical poles have fallen or various types of debris in the road that would make it difficult for the crews to get to you. These situations can slow down the repair process significantly. When making the decision of whether to stay or not you need to consider the possibility of being without air conditioning, electricity, phone, or even water for an unknown period of time

Should you have any questions please contact the Sandcastle Property Management office: or (239) 466-3330. Our office hours are Mon- Thurs 9a-4p and Fri 9-12p.


                  Have a safe and enjoyable summer.